Wheel Alignment

wheel alignment

The wheels on the bus go round and round,

Round and round,

All through the town…’

To be more precise, if the bus were running at 60 mph, the wheels would be going round and round approximately 700 times per minute. That is a lot of turns. What if the wheels are not exactly facing the right direction? What if they are misaligned?

When your car came out of its manufacturing plant, all bright and new, its wheels were perfectly synched. However, after traversing thousands of miles since then, it’s highly likely that they may have fallen out of alignment. That is bad news for your car.

Wheel alignment can be a confusing thing for many people. Not only is it hard to detect, but its symptoms are deceptive as well. There’s no dashboard light dedicated to misaligned wheels, neither is there any way to catch misalignment at a glance. That’s why you have to be extra careful about it.

The best option for you is, of course, getting professional help. There are many garages for wheel alignment Coventry but Central Point MOT Centre is the most trusted place that does wheel alignment at great prices.

So, my car wheels aren’t perfectly aligned. What’s the big deal?’

The big deal is that you are directly putting yourself at a major disadvantage when you drive with misaligned wheels. Here are a few things that will open your eyes to the perils of misalignment:

  • Fuel Economy

Studies by U.S EPA have shown that if car wheels are out of alignment, it consumes up to 7% more fuel. Yes, you are wasting 7 pounds worth of gas for every 100 pounds that you refill. Multiply that to the amount you spend on the gas a year, and you’ll see why a visit to our garage for wheel alignment in Coventry is worth it.

  • Tyre Life

When your wheels are out of alignment by even as little as one inch, you are dragging your wheels 100 inches per mile. If you drive 20 miles a day, that adds up to around 50 metres. Imagine what it does to your tyres!

That’s not all. All of this affects only one side of a tyre, putting the entire load on that side. It results in uneven tread wear, which apart from reducing your tyre’s life, also affects the handling and braking capabilities of your car.

  • Drivability

One of the more apparent signs of misaligned wheels is your car pulling to one side. As a driver, you must be aware of how inconvenient that is on busy streets where the margin of error is little. It is a severe safety concern. Although there is no law in the UK regarding wheel alignment, it is your duty as a responsible citizen to make sure that your vehicle is in an optimal driving condition.

‘Okay, this is serious. But how do I know if my wheels are aligned or not?’

That is where things get a little tricky. Wheel misalignment is one of the harder things to detect. It manifests with symptoms that could very well be signs of an entirely different fault. However, if you keep your eyes and senses open, it’s not impossible. Look out for these signs:

  • Your steering wheel is not centred

This is probably the most definitive symptom of misaligned wheels, and you can detect it right away. When you are driving straight, your steering wheel is supposed to be ‘centred’, with the manufacturer’s logo staring straight at you.

If that’s not the case, and your steering wheel is tilted, it’s time to pay a visit to a wheel alignment garage.

  • You feel a little vibration on your steering wheel

This point is pretty self-explanatory. The reason that so many of the symptoms are associated with the steering is that it is directly connected to your car’s suspension system. Misaligned wheels directly affect the suspension of your car.

  • You get that nagging feeling that your vehicle is pulling to one side

When it comes to driving, most people have an instinctive sense when something is wrong with their cars. In the case of misalignment in wheels, you may feel that your car is pulling towards a particular direction or you have to steer extra hard to turn your car.

Central Point MOT Centre Coventry always advises everyone to trust their instincts about their cars. If something feels off, nine times out of ten something is wrong.

We understand that these symptoms are hard to track. Uneven tread wear may well be a sign of underinflated tyres. The vibration of your steering wheel may be the result of one of the dozens of problems that your suspension system may encounter and so on.

That’s why getting your alignment checked at specific intervals, say when you rotate your tyres, is a good idea. At Central Point MOT Centre, you can either go for front wheel alignment or all 4 wheel alignment Coventry. Our professional care is considered the best in Coventry, and you’ll see why when you visit us the next time.

Hope to see you soon!

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