Valves Change

valves change

You must have noticed that tiny plastic adapter that is used every time you inflate (or deflate) your car’s tyres? That is a valve. It is a nozzle that allows air to flow only in one direction and maintains the pressure inside your car tyres. It might look tiny, but it is vital for your car’s wheels. If a valve gets damaged, it will leak air continuously, making it impossible for you to keep driving.

Unfortunately, with so many cheap fakes flooding the market, a leaking valve is a common problem today. If you want to avoid this issue, you must affix a genuine, high-quality valve in your car’s tyres.

That’s where we, Central Point MOT Centre Coventry, come in. We are a car service garage in Coventry, and we will make sure you get only the genuine parts for your vehicle. Even for something as simple as a valve change, technicians at Central Point MOT Centre will take utmost care to make sure it stays according to the manufacturer-specified standards. We stock only the best, licensed products to offer to you.

How does it gets damaged –

Because of the constant friction between the wheel and the road surface, the air inside the tyres gets warm. That increases pressure on the only entry and exit route, the valve. If it is aged, it will not be able to handle that pressure too well.

Furthermore, the heat causes the additive that seals the tiny space between a valve and a tyre to harden up and crack. When this happens, the assembly deforms, creating a gap that air can escape through.

When to replace a tyre valve

A rule of thumb is to change the valves whenever you replace your car tyre. However, as they often get damaged quicker, you can opt for a valve change whenever you see that air is leaking from the tyre without a puncture.

We, Central Point MOT Centre, recommend you to use only the best quality materials to make sure they stay serviceable for as long as possible.

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