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Tyre Manufacturers - Yokohama Tyres

If you’re looking for car tyres which will offer excellent fuel economy and long service life, then Central Point MOT Centre experts suggest you pick Yokohama car tyres.

For car owners around the UK who prioritise saving up on fuel cost, Yokohama tyres provide that extra bit of mileage with its low rolling resistance. These tyres come with state of the art tread designs, and new age rubber compounds that significantly reduces friction while still providing adequate road grip in every situation.

Further, due to their impeccable quality, Yokohama presently enjoys a profit of 596,193 million yen per year. That’s not all; they employ nearly 24,160 workers and sell to thousands of retailers like Central Point MOT Centre in Coventry around the world. Yokohama is emerging as one of the most reliable brands when it comes to making economic car tyres.

Some intriguing facts about Yokohama car tyres –

  • Yokohama rose to popularity after the launch of their Aspec A300.
  • From 2015 onwards Yokohama has been the sponsor of Premier League football club Chelsea.
  • IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge, World Touring Car Championship & Japanese Super Formula races use Yokohama car tyres.
  • Macau Grand Prix Formula 3 uses Yokohama’s products as their control tyres.
  • Presently, Yokohama also sponsors the San Antonio Spurs & Boston Celtics basketball team.

Well, if that didn’t fascinate you, here are few more reasons to pick Yokohama car tyres

Yokohama tyres not only provide a fuel-efficient and stable ride, but it focuses on comfort too. Using five-pitch variation tread design, Yokohama produces tread designs which reduce noise while driving. This technology eliminates three main types of tyre noise –

  1. Pitch noise emitted from the different tyre tread pattern.
  2. Propelling sound that comes from the tyres.
  3. Noise generated by the constant friction of the road and car tyre.

Here are a few examples of Yokohama car tyres you can pick from Central Point MOT Centre

  • ADVAN dB Decibel (V551)
  • The BluEarth (AE01)
  • The Geolandar SUV (G055)

For more variations of Yokohama, visit our store at Coventry and let our experts guide you in picking the best tyre for your family car. Whether it’s an SUV or a passenger car, our experts will study your requirements and help you select the best model for your vehicle.

Additionally, we sell tyres from our online store too! So, browse our collection while picking your Yokohama tyres online. For any queries regarding our products, contact us at the given address, and our mechanics will get back to you as soon as possible.



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