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Are you looking for a brand new set of car tyres in Coventry? How about something that has its roots in Birmingham, England? Yes, we are talking about Dunlop tyres, one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world.

John Boyd Dunlop founded Dunlop in 1889. Since their inception, they have set the standards for road tyres worldwide. Today, Dunlop produces tyres for all types of vehicles. Their products are famous for their cost-effectiveness, durability, and quality.

A huge number of our customers prefer Dunlop tyres over other brands. If you visit Central Point MOT Centre, you will find a vast collection of high-quality Dunlop car tyres for everything from a family sedan to a high-performance sports vehicle.

Why choose Dunlop?

Other than the fact that they are one of the largest brands of tyre makers today, their products have proven themselves in numerous race tracks worldwide. They have been supplying tyres for the European Le Mans Series (GTE class) championship since 2015. Their products are the preferred tyres for the V8 Supercar Championship, as well as the British Touring Car Championship since 2003.

Dunlop tyres are not only famous on the car race tracks; they make excellent quality motorcycle tyres as well. In the Moto2 and Moto3 class of MotoGP, Dunlop tyres are used. They have also made their presence felt in the R&G Racing GSX-R Trophy motorcycle race.

With all these racing experience under their belt, there should be no doubt about Dunlop’s dedication to making something that is suitable for every task. With 129 years of expertise, Dunlop car tyres have something for every type of car owner. Their experience in track seeps to their passenger models, making them one of the few in this industry implementing the latest advances in all their units.

Dunlop and Central Point MOT Centre

We, Central Point MOT Centre, are one of the largest tyre retailers in the area. We have an extensive range of Dunlop tyres Coventry at our facility, and you can choose any of them at affordable prices. If you haven’t made up your mind on which product to pick for your car, we have in-house experts who will help you choose the best tyres depending on your need, daily driving pattern, and budget. You can also buy Dunlop tyres online from our e-store.

Have a safe journey.



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