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One of the top manufacturers to dominate the tyre market is Bridgestone. Today Bridgestone car tyres are sold to more than 10,000 retailers in as many as 150 countries around the globe, like Central Point MOT Centre in Coventry.

So, if you’re looking to buy new tyres in Coventry, and wondering if Bridgestone tyres are a wise pick, let us show you all the reasons why availing Bridgestone car tyres will be a smart bet for your family car.

Reasons to pick Bridgestone tyres –

 Motorsport –

  • Bridgestone tyres have gained recognition by sponsoring the Japanese Grand Prix in 1976 -1977. Following this, they have actively supplied tyres to Formula 1 races post-1997.
  • Bridgestone also supplied tyres to the world-famous Le Mans race with TOMS’ & Nismo.
  • Presently, Bridgestone car tyres are actively used in the famous Japanese Super GT championship.

With the acclamation from the motorsport department, Bridgestone has held their place as a market leader with their superior quality tyres. Hence, it’s no surprise that most UK citizens are avid consumers of Bridgestone tyres today.

Innovation –

Another reason which contributes to the ever-growing reputation of Bridgestone tyres is their innovation. Some examples are:

  • RunOnFlat technology - Bridgestone first administered their RunOnFlat technology on the authentic Porsche model 959. This technology helps a car with a flat tyre to run up to 50 miles at 50mph.

Presently, this RunOnflat technology is modified and sold in their DriveGaurd summer /winter range. To discover more information regarding Bridgestone’s DriveGaurd, visit Central Point MOT Centre in Coventry. We sell our tyres online too! So, you can browse through our tyre range while shopping for your Bridgestone tyres online.


  • Bridgestone’s ologic technology – These tyres with a large diameter, high inflation pressure & narrow tread allow retaining superior fuel efficiency by reducing rolling resistance.

For example, ECOPIA EP 150, ECOPIA EP 500 are two of the most sold Bridgestone tyres online from Central Point MOT Centre’s virtual store. Owing to their longevity and substantial fuel economy, these models are winners as family car tyres.

  • Bridgestone’s CAIS technology – Often car tyres find it difficult to decipher and understand road circumstances, especially at night or during adverse weather conditions. In such cases, Bridgestone’s Contact Area Information Sensing or CAIS technology classifies 7 different road conditions like (dry, mud, semi, wet etc.) to help cars adjust to unforeseen situations.

All these reasons are more than enough for picking Bridgestone car tyres, right? Well, if you want these tyres at the best prices, come to visit Central Point MOT Centre in Coventry. Being one of the most reputed Bridgestone retailers in the UK, we offer authentic products at the best prices. So, hurry and book an appointment today.



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