Tyre Threads

The evolution of car tyre has been quite remarkable. The first pneumatic tyre of John Dunlop has almost zero resemblance to the tyres used in cars today. Innovation and the tyre industry have always walked hand in hand, right from the very beginning.

Tyre treads are one such innovation, albeit an old one. In 1904, Continental came up with an idea of making their tyres grip the road in a better manner by making indentations on them. It worked well for Continental, and the idea struck. Soon, other companies were making them too, and before you knew it, it became the standard model.

The innovations never really stopped, not even today. Tyre manufacturers are still coming up with new tread designs for all types of conditions.

So, why are we talking about some obscure history lesson? To establish the fact how vital tyre treads are. Many people tend to underemphasize the role of this path-breaking innovation. However, we are here to tell you that as long as your tyre treads are well and fine, your tyres should be okay.

At Central Point MOT Centre Coventry, we provide professional tyre tread depth measurement and also recommend the best course of action in case the depth is too low.

Why you should care about tread depth

  • The condition of the tread indicates the health of your tyres. If it’s too shallow, it’s best that you dump that tyre for a new one.
  • Did you know that it’s illegal to drive your car on the streets of Britain if the tyre tread depth is lower than 1.6mm? Not only will you attract penalties, but you’ll also fail the MOT miserably.
  • Although the legal limit is 1.6mm, any depth below 3 mm is potentially dangerous. Treads do the crucial job of providing extra grip, as well as disperse heat and water. When it does not have adequate depth, all its functions are compromised, and you run the risk of poor handling and braking.

Most tyres carry a tread-wear warranty. For some, it’s 60,000 miles; while a select few will provide you with 90,000 miles of tread-wear warranty. That’s pretty much the lifespan of an average tyre. Worn out tread is the reminder that you need to change your car tyres ASAP.

Visit Central Point MOT Centre in Coventry when that happens. We’ll be delighted to assist you.

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