Oil Change

oil change

Every car owner wants their car to last for a long time, cost a bare minimum to maintain, and perform like it’s brand new. We do several things, like maintaining the correct air pressure, checking the engine and brakes periodically to make sure they are working the way they should. However, a lot of us also forget one critical aspect of maintaining the car engine, a periodic oil change.

Your car uses engine oil to minimise friction between its components. This is important as it reduces the wearing of its parts. However, in that process, the oil itself loses its effectiveness. Engine oil breaks down because of the heat, and tiny metal shavings that contaminate it. A timely oil change in Coventry makes sure that your car runs smoothly, keeps the running costs low, and ensures that you enjoy a long service life.

  • When to change the engine oil

The best reference will be the owner’s manual that came with your car. Every car manufacturer specifies when the fluids need replacing. You will find what type of oil you need for your vehicle, and when you need to go for an oil change in that same manual.

Another rule of thumb is to change the fluids every 4000 to 7000 miles. However, it will depend on how much you drive every day.

Our experts recommend one engine oil change in Coventry every two years. Also, you should check it before you take your car on a long drive.

  • Precautions

Certain fluids, like the engine oil, cannot be refilled, only replaced. When you visit us for an oil change, you will notice that we will thoroughly flush the old engine oil before putting in a fresh batch. This keeps the block and the filters from contaminating with the residue of the old fluid.

  • Our services

We have fashioned our services in such a way that we can service your car most efficiently and cost-effectively. A typical oil change includes –

  1. A complete flush, clean, and refill of engine oil
  2. Replacing the old oil filter
  3. Changing the sump plug and connectors

You must have noticed that we include a mandatory filter change in the package. This is to prevent contamination of the fresh batch of fluids. If we do not replace the old filter, tiny metal shards can mix with the new oil, making it a lot less effective.

So, if you are looking for an oil change in Coventry, visit Central Point MOT Centre today. We offer services you will not find anywhere else. Call us today to book your appointment

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