Exhaust Service

exhaust service

One crucial component integral to your car’s performance is its exhaust. Not only that, it maintains your car’s emission standards, making it less harmful for the environment. However, over time, it undergoes wear and tear, causing it to leak noxious gasses out in the atmosphere.

Not only this is bad for the environment, but it can also land you in trouble. The UK government has strict regulations standardising the emission quality of your vehicle. Anything worse than that can result in a hefty fine, and penalty points in your licence. 

If you are worried about your exhaust’s condition and performance, you can get exhaust repair Coventry from Central Point MOT Centre. Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection to see if there is anything wrong with the exhaust system.

We offer a huge range of spare exhaust component for all models and makes of vehicles. So, if your exhaust starts to malfunction, don’t panic. Professional assistance is not far away!

What does an exhaust system do?

Primarily, the exhaust system of your vehicle performs four functions:

  • Directing the fumes away from the passenger
  • Decreasing the noise
  • Improving fuel efficiency
  • Improving overall performance

How do exhausts function?

The exhaust system’s layout varies from vehicle to vehicle. Regardless, the function of all exhausts is quite similar. When the engine is running, harmful gases are made as a byproduct. An exhaust removes these gases by channelling it away. Our technicians at Central Point MOT Centre know how this system works in all sorts of cars. They can find a fault in the exhaust in no time.

Some key components work together to remove the harmful gases. The catalytic converter, for instance, removes the toxic elements from the gas. The muffler is responsible for reducing the overall noise. The exhaust gases are finally removed via the tailpipe.

When does an exhaust fail?

Exhausts have a high tendency of corroding over time. As you keep on driving, the exhaust system may eventually malfunction. When it does, you would need professional exhaust repair Coventry. Every now and then, you should get it checked for any signs of damage or corrosion.

Figuring out a problem with the exhaust system can be hard. A typical indication of an existing problem is a strange noise. If you hear any rattling noise or a loud rumble, you should get it checked out as soon as possible. A faulty exhaust can also emit poisonous gases, so you need to be aware of that as well. Apart from all these, visual damage like corrosion or rust can be a matter of concern.

When you bring your car to Central Point MOT Centre, our experts will examine the entire system thoroughly. They will figure out the source of an issue and perform the necessary diagnosis. Depending on the damage, they will recommend repair or replacement of the components. If the damage is minor, the repair usually does the job. However, getting replacement exhaust parts can save you the hassle and money in the long run.

Why choose us?

We understand that a fault in the exhaust system is a matter of serious concern. Both the performance and safety of your vehicle can be on the line. That is why at our exhaust repair garage Coventry, we make sure your car has a fully functioning exhaust system. Visit our garage or call us now and book your appointment.

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