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Welcome to MOT Coventry - Central Point MOT Centre

We heard that you were looking for the best auto garage in Coventry? Congratulations, you just found it. 

We are Central Point MOT Centre, the name synonymous with quality MOT and car services around these parts. This is not a moniker that we have chosen for ourselves. It has been bestowed upon us by the thousands of loyal customers, who had left our facility completely satisfied, only to come back again when something else went wrong with their cars. 

As ardent lovers of automobiles ourselves, we understand how much you value your car. It’s probably your best friend. At Central Point MOT Centre, we treat them as such. 

However, no matter how much love your car, the fact remains that something or the other will break down every once in a while. A broken taillight here, a broken mirror there can spoil the fun of driving. It also increases the potential risk of failing the critical annual MOT test. 

Not anymore, though! Central Point MOT Coventry is here to solve all your car related issues so that you enjoy the pleasure of driving as it is supposed to be enjoyed. If something heavy has gone wrong with your vehicle, we’ll fix that too.

Taking the MOT test and prepping you for the same is an area we excel at. So, if it’s the annual test that you are concerned about, you can sleep peacefully now in the knowledge that you have found the perfect place to take your MOT. 

Whether you drive a Bentley or a Ford, a Volvo truck or a Volkswagen Beetle, we are here for you. From blown-out engine to a broken windshield, whatever your problem is, we have the perfect solution. 

What makes us unique is the dedication of our team of experienced technicians. Their combined experience is bigger than the London Eye, and you can see it in their performance. Whatever problem you come in with, be assured that you have heard the last of it as soon as you enter our garage. Engine, exhaust, wheel alignment, air conditioning, servicing, wheel balancing, clutch and brake repairs- we do it all, and at prices, you cannot imagine anywhere else.

The Best Tyres Coventry Motorists Can Ask For!

Our collection of original spare parts is also the envy of the town, especially in the tyre department. We are unparalleled in variety as well as quality when it comes to car tyres. All of the top tyre manufacturers find their rightful places on our shelves. Bridgestone, Pirelli, Goodyear, Dunlop, Continental- you name it, we have it. That doesn’t mean that we ignore the smaller manufacturers. You’ll find them as well, adorning our shelves right beside their more famous counterparts.

Tyres that can be used throughout changing seasons, tyres that can be driven on different types of terrains, specialised tyres that can be fitted to specific vehicles to get the best out of them, and tyres that boast unique features; everything you can ask for will be at your disposal at Central Point Garage.

It will only take a couple of steps for you to complete the purchase. Simply key in your reg number or the size of the tyres you are looking for, and you will be presented with our extensive stock online. Fill in the required details, complete the payment and you can get the tyres fitted at our garage at no extra cost. Precise wheel alignment and wheel balancing services will also be provided during the tyre fitment service.

We also provide varying tyre-related services such as puncture repair, pressure check, tread-depth check and so much more at our garage.

To experience the best services and gain access to the finest stock of tyres Coventry car owners must visit Central Point MOT & Tyre Centre.

Visit Our Garage

We know that words mean nothing unless action backs them. That’s why we urge you to bring your car to our workshop the next time something goes wrong with it. Let us show you why our patrons rate us so highly.

The trust that we have built in the years that we have been in service is more valuable to us than the profits we have made. It’s something that we take pride in and wouldn’t trade for the world. 

We promise that once you come here, you’ll never go to another garage ever again.